Saddle Safe Security Information Disclaimer

Saddle Safe Security

The following information is presented by SafeAway in good faith. You are advised to seek advice from your insurer to ensure the security arrangements you have in place are sufficient for your specific needs.

Tips on Saddle Safe Security

Saddle Safe Security Tips

Although our saddle safe design is one of the most secure available, it is not sold it as completely impregnable.

Our saddle safes are designed to be used in conjunction with additional layers of security to ensure your saddle remains where you left it.

Other saddle safes are available but before you buy ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Are they made to a British standard by a long established and reputable manufacturer?

Our Saddle safes are made to a design similar to our shotgun cabinets which are manufactured to BS 7558. We have been successfully manufacturing saddle safes for over twenty-five years.

  1. Are they substantial? Our saddle safes are manufactured in 2mm steel and are fully welded construction with two 6 pin euro cylinder locks.
  2. Can it be bolted to the floor? Our saddle safes have four 10mm holes to enable them to be bolted to the floor.
Saddle Safe Positioning

Saddle Safe Security | Positioning your cabinet

Look at the security for your saddles a little like the layers of an onion, each layer is an additional barrier to help prevent theft.

Installing good exterior lighting perhaps on PIR detectors, will act as a good deterrent, burglars do not light bright places. LED type lighting will give a good bright light at a relatively low cost to run.

If possible, site your saddle safe within a solid room or building, ideally without windows and with a stout door lock.  If possible, install an audible alarm to alert you or passersby if a break in occurs.

Install your saddle safe out of sight of passersby and make sure it is securely bolted to the floor.

It’s a good idea not to leave items of tack lying around your tack room, if it’s not being used lock it in your saddle safe It’ll be safer there.

If there are visitors to your yard that you do not recognize enquire why they are there, they may be opportunist thieves.

If you are using a saddle safe on a yard with other people around also with tack, make sure your equipment is always locked away in your saddle safe when not in use. Theft takes place in daylight as well as at night but if your tack is put away in your tack safe and is locked it will be safe.