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CoSHH Acid Alkali Cabinets

CoSHH Acid and Alkali Storage Cabinets

Acid alkali cabinets for the safe and secure storage of caustic substances.

Many establishments have the need to use acids, alkalis and other caustic substances in the course of their daily activities. Due to their inherent nature the use of these potentially corrosive substances can often create a potential hazard. Using a specifically designed Acid & Alkali storage Cabinet allows for caustic chemicals to be stored away from other CoSHH controlled substances, reducing risk and improving storage safety in the workplace. The use of these Acid & Alkali storage Cabinets helps clearly identify these potential hazards within the workplace and avoid the possibility of mistakes in handling.

Acid Alkali Cabinets Design

The design of these Acid & Alkali storage Cabinets encourages the safer storage of caustic substances by creating a safe environment in which the caustic substances can be locked away. Our Acid & Alkali storage Cabinets feature a single locking, smooth action 3-point rod lock system for easy access but secure locking. These acid and alkali cabinets also feature a spill containment system channeling spills into the cabinet’s liquid retaining sump for easy spill management.

An important aspect of storing chemicals in an Acid & Alkali storage Cabinets is to ensure the category of the hazard is identified, for example is it corrosive, flammable, an oxidizing agent or toxic?

Also it is sensible and advisable to only store the minimum amount of hazardous substance that is necessary for the task in hand. Ensure the Acid & Alkali storage Cabinet is fixed at a safe and convenient height, not above shoulder height. This will help prevent injury should a container break or spill when being removed from the Acid & Alkali storage Cabinet.

It is often necessary to store both Acid & Alkali together in one Cabinet labeled as “Corrosive”. These two substances can be stored together however it is important to note the accidental combining of these concentrated substances can generate large amounts of heat and give off fumes. Ensure that spillages are cleaned away from the inside surfaces of the Acid & Alkali storage Cabinet to ensure spilled substances are not mixed together accidentally.

Acid Alkali Cabinets Good Practice

It is also good practice to keep the Acid & Alkali storage Cabinet in a well ventilated place but not adjacent to a door or exit so as not to prevent access in event of an emergency. It is sensible to keep a spill kit close to the cabinet in case of spillage and to prevent substances coming into contact with each other accidentally.

Good housekeeping is good practice too, keep the area clear of rubbish and ensure access to the Acid & Alkali storage Cabinets is not restricted.

General Specification

All of SafeAways acid and alkali storage cabinets feature the following:

  • Manufactured using 1.2mm steel
  • Press formed construction
  • Fully welded leak proof sump in base
  • Three point locking system
  • Welded construction
  • Polyester powder coated finish
  • Adjustable and removable shelves
  • Fixing holes in rear of cabinet (fixings not included).
  • Regulation identification labels included.
  • Reinforced door edges to prevent distortion
  • Supplied with warning labels compliant with BS5378
  • Tough and durable powder coated finish in white
Additional Information

If you would like any further information on our range of acid alkali cabinets, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Acid alkali cabinets manufactured in Great Britain.