Bespoke Van Racking

Bespoke van racking manufactured to meet your specific requirements.

This page explains the processes involved in the design and manufacture of a bespoke van racking system.

We manufacture and stock a wide range of van racking systems to suit most requirements and applications. There are circumstances when bespoke van racking is needed.

If you need something a little different to the racking in our stock range that’s no problem. Please give us a call, let us have your requirements and we’ll do the rest for you. Manufacturing a bespoke van racking system usually takes about two to three weeks from you signing off our drawings. The cost of a bespoke unit is usually about 20-25% more than a similar sized rack from our stock range.

The process of manufacturing a bespoke van racking system:

  • Step one is to find out what the customer requires of their unit. We discuss the size, number and position of shelves required amongst other details.
  • Step two we prepare an engineering drawing of the bespoke van racking unit. This drawing will be used to manufacture the unit after client approval. In order to obtain client approval we send a copy of the drawing. We will then talk it through with them to ensure they are happy with every aspect. We make any changes necessary.
  • Step three we ask the client to pay our pro forma invoice. We ask for payment before manufacture commences. This is because it is a bespoke unit. We would not be able to resell the unit if the customer failed to pay.
  • Step four will see us preparing the drawings for the profiles required for the laser cutting process. This requires producing a developed shape of the various parts of the unit. This will require calculating the bend allowances for each bend to achieve the correct overall size when the unit is formed and assembled.

The process of manufacturing a bespoke van racking system continued:

  • Step five bends the parts that are laser cut. We do this using a machine called a “press brake”. This machine has a top tool in the shape of a V and a bottom tool with a matching female V.
  • Step six has the various bent parts of the custom van racking assembled and tack welded. Tack welds are small welds that hold the parts together temporarily so we can check the cabinet fits properly and is the correct size. When we are happy with everything the unit is welded.
  • Step seven will require us to remove the surplus weld using a sander to achieve a smooth finish prior to powder coating.
  • Step eight assembles the components of the racking units.

The process of manufacturing a bespoke van racking system continued:

  • Step nine sends the racking units to our powder coating shop for finishing. This uses special applicator guns. Fine particles of powder are applied using up to 100,000 volts of positive static charge. These are sprayed on the surface of the racking. Coated parts are earthed making the charged particles adhere. This is until fused to a solid coat whilst passing through the curing oven. The powder and the metal part being coated have opposing electrical charges. The powder sticks to the surface of the part. This static charge pulls the powder to all the awkward spaces difficult to reach using wet paint techniques. Parts pass in front of the operator on an overhead conveyor line. Here we apply the powder. Parts when coated with powder continue along the conveyor where they pass through a tunnel oven. Here they will bake for approx 12 to 20 minutes at 180 degrees. While in the oven, the powder is fused with a consistent, heavy-duty and high-quality finish, without runs or drips. The parts continue round the conveyor, leaving the tunnel oven where they are allowed to cool and are then removed.
  • Step ten is where we assemble and pack the units and attach the labels and instructions required. The completed and packaged bespoke racking is placed on a carrier for dispatch to the client.We hope this has given an insight into the process of manufacturing our racking systems and in particular bespoke van racking.However if you would like any further information or would like to discuss your cabinet please do not hesitate to contact us we’ll be happy to help.