Bespoke Shotgun Cabinets

Bespoke shotgun cabinets

We manufacture bespoke shotgun cabinets to your specific requirements.

If you need a shotgun cabinet that is not one of our stock sizes, that’s not a problem, just let us know your particular requirements and we will make it for you.

Many customers ask us to manufacture a bespoke shotgun cabinet to store their shotguns in a way that meets their own specific and individual needs. This may be their available space is a particular size and shape or that their shotgun is a particular length that will not fit in a conventional size shotgun cabinet. However most of our bespoke shotgun cabinet enquires come from customers who have larger numbers of shotguns, for instance gun shops and shoots and we specialize in manufacturing bespoke shotgun cabinets for this sector too. This type of customer usually requires a large quantity of shotguns to be stored securely and to the correct British Standard. We manufacture all our stock Shotgun cabinets and Bespoke Shotgun cabinets to British standard 2881:1994 which is the requirement for the storage of Shotguns in England, Scotland and Wales.

Ordering your bespoke shotgun cabinet

Ordering Bespoke Shotgun Cabinets

We advise in the first instance that contact you contact your Firearms officer to discuss your requirements with them and to ensure your proposal will be acceptable.

Once this has been established we will be happy to talk through these requirements with you and prepare a working drawing of the bespoke cabinet for your approval. This will then be costed and if the cost is acceptable and the drawing approved by you we will forward a request for payment. Once payment has been received we will commence manufacture of the bespoke shotgun cabinet, the manufacture usually takes 10 working days.

The manufacturing process is carried out entirely at our own factory here in the East Midlands.  Everything from the design stage through the forming of the parts, welding, cleaning off and powder coating is all carried on the same site.

You can be confident you are buying a quality British made Shotgun cabinet which meets all the relevant UK requirements and will give you years of service.

In over twenty-five years of manufacturing Shotgun cabinets we have never had one of our cabinets either a stock cabinet or a bespoke Shotgun cabinet condemned by a firearms officer.